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Reconnecting in 2016!


Happy New Year!!! Can you believe it is 2016 already? It really feels like just a few months ago I was welcoming 2015. I guess I should not have blinked! J

2015 was a good year though. There were highs and lows but in the grand scheme of things… I consider all that took place in 2015. ….my good days outweighed my bad days, so I won’t complain.

In years past I’ve spent New Year’s Eve in church or at home watching the ball drop in Time Square. This New Year’s however I spent it perfectly, with friends and family in New Orleans! This was my first visit to New Orleans and I had a blast!! I saw the Superdome, home of the New Orleans Saints (which I had only seen on television). I visited the awesome Audubon Aquarium of the Americas!!  I clapped and danced in the streets as we watched a fantastic parade through the French Quarters! And that night we walked along Bourbon Street as we traveled to Jackson Square for the New Year’s Eve festivities!!  The streets were alive! I was in the center of it all! And loving every second of it!!!

After the big celebration we returned to Florida and I spent a few more days with my family relaxing, laughing, and simply connecting. It was great and I am grateful to God for the opportunity.  Spending time with loved ones reminded me of the importance of connecting with people regularly.  In the age of social media, texting, and instant message, it feels as though most of our connecting is done behind a screen.  While social media is great and being able to send a quick message if need be is great, actually being in the presence of others is even better.  It is something that we should not deny ourselves of.  It’s important to our physiological and physical well being.  I felt restored.  I felt alive.  I felt loved.  And none of that can be felt while sitting behind a computer screen or on the other end of a telephone.

So this year I vow to connect more. There are friends and family I want to reconnect with.  And there is nothing stopping me but me.  Life is not stopping for any of us.  Life is precious and short at the same time.  And the last thing I want is that feeling of regret with a case of the “coulda, shoulda, woulda’s.”

#NoRegrets #Reconnect #NurtureRelationships