Yesterday I shared how I was in my feelings and mad at one or two guys from my past after watching the beautiful expression of love known to the social media world as  #ForeverDuncan. I shared with you how I was so deep in my feelings that I could not sleep, #ButGod wrapped me in his perfect peace and lulled me to sleep. That was how I was feeling and I will not apologize for my feelings.

But as #ForeverDuncan continues to overtake the world of social media as well as radio and television, I realized something of significant importance; I have to be careful that I do not settle for the sake of marriage. I must remain alert and prayerful as the enemy has and will rear his ugly head to convince me that I’m not desirable and that no one will want me as their wife. I have to remain cognizant of the attempts of the evil one to infiltrate my mind and convince me that my past has disqualified me as a wife. I have to resist the thoughts that no man would want me because of my flaws and imperfections. Because if I do not, I am at risk of settling just to say I am married. And settling is NEVER an option.

I don’t know when the Lord will bless me with the man he has chosen for me. I simply choose to believe it is so at the appointed time. Not MY appointed time, but rather God’s. And so long as I continue to wait on him, I shall renew my strength. I shall mount up with wings as eagles; I shall run, and not be weary; I shall walk, and not faint (Isaiah 40:31)



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