Monthly Archives: December 2016

Father, Be My Light 


In the mornings while preparing for work I like to watch reruns of My Wife and Kids (or The Fresh Prince of Bel Air), listen to music (the genre depends on my mood) listen to something motivational (recently Eric Thomas), or I’ll listen to a sermon. This morning I listened to a bible study by Priscilla Shirer. You may recognize the name if you are at all familiar with the movie The War Room. I began following her after seeing the movie and thoroughly enjoy her teachings.

The foundation of the teaching I listened to this morning was that as believers we must be mindful of the deceitful ways the enemy trips us up. We must take every decision we have to make and run it through the light of God’s word. She quoted a prayer by Spurgeon which I love. The prayer was, “Lord help us to not only be able to discern the difference between right and wrong, but help us to also be able to discern the difference between right and almost right.” 

The level of truth in Spurgeon’s prayer is astounding. As a single woman maneuvering through dating in the 21st century, I can confess that I’ve met and dated “almost right.” I think of the obvious red flags that would make any woman in her right mind run for the hills. Those easy to spot nuances that immediately scream, “girl that ain’t it!” But what about the man that was as close to what you’ve prayed for as is possible to get and yet you discover that he was really only a decoy. A distraction set in place by the enemy. I mean, this gentleman is just about perfect and so you believe with all your heart that he is your Boaz and so you date and maybe eventually marry only to find out the hard way that this perfect gentleman was really part of the enemy’s plan to steal, kill, and destroy. 

The wrong guy can most times be spotted. But “almost right”……that’s another story entirely. As a single woman in the 21st century I have concerns about choosing the wrong guy. I have concerns that “almost right” will once again show up in my life, only to be totally wrong. And honestly, if I can speak bluntly, that….would…..SUCK!!!! It would suck because with every passing year time becomes more of a precious commodity. And to waste any more time on “almost right” would be well…..a waste. 

And so Priscilla Shirer urged believers to take every decision, no matter how big or how small, to the word of God. But she also spoke at length about not trusting our feelings. She said that feelings are not intellect. In other words our feelings lack wisdom. Our feelings lack understanding. Our feelings oftentimes lack common sense. When we make decisions based off our feelings then we are putting ourselves in a position for deceit. The “almost right” gentleman, the decision I made to pursue a relationship with him was based off feelings. The decision was based off how special he made me feel. The decision was based off everything other than what it should have been based off; me asking God was this his will. Because if I had asked God his thoughts about “almost right” God would have responded with “NO!! and I would have saved myself time and heartache. 

And so, I end this blog as I started it:

“Lord help me to not only be able to discern the difference between right and wrong, but help me to also be able to discern the difference between right and almost right.”