Lessons I Have Learned 

Lessons I Have Learned 

In two days I will reach a milestone in my life as I become inducted into the half-century club. That’s right, I will celebrate 50 years of life and I am excited! Not many people would be excited about turning 50. But every birthday is a cause for celebration in my opinion. 

As I prepare to officially bid farewell to my 40s I wanted to share a few lessons that I’ve learned and would share with my younger self. 

1. Forgiveness is never about the other person. 

2. Just because you can do or say something doesn’t mean that you should.

3. Expectations will lead to disappointment and/or resentment.

4. Joy and happiness is in God’s hands. Never expect another human to do what only God can do. 

5. The biggest lie ever told is the one you tell yourself.

6. Someone is always watching you. Be mindful.

7. The ministry of silence is golden.

8. You cannot and will not please everyone. Stop trying!! 

9. If you wait until you have enough money to do the things you want life will pass you by. 

10. It’s ok to be mad at God. He can handle it. 

11. Spend money on experiences not stuff. 

12. Perfection is an illusion. 

13. Peace is priceless. 

14. A mother is God in human form. 

15. Unconditional love doesn’t just stop. If it did we would all be in trouble. 

16. Life without your mother is hard. And you will spend your days trying to exist where she doesn’t. But you can do it. 

17. At some point you will have to stop blaming everyone else and get real with the person staring back at you in the mirror. 

18. You will make mistakes. Some of them repeatedly. But every day God wakes you up is another chance to get it right. 

19. Have the conversation….no matter how difficult it may be.

20. Share your story. Someone needs to hear it. 

21. Sex is overrated. Wait. 

22. Girlfriends are priceless. Treasure them. 

23. Do not be afraid to express what you need and want. If you don’t no one else will. 

24. You really do teach others how to treat you. 

25. You are a black woman. Always be proud of that.

26. Comparing yourself to others is meaningless and will cause you more harm than good.

27. God made you, quirks and all. Embrace who God made you.

28. Love yourself. Your complete self. 

29. Do not live life afraid. Take risks. Step out of your comfort zone.

30. Live and love with no regrets.

31. Don’t close yourself off to love because someone hurt you. 

32. Smile every day.

33. Laugh every day.

34. Cry when you need to.

35. Eat the right foods. Exercise. Get the proper amount of rest. Take care of your body because you only get one. 

36. This is not a dress rehearsal. Enjoy life!

37. Every birthday is a gift! Celebrate! It’s better than the alternative. 

38. Be serious about and committed to your finances. 

39. Do not be afraid of change. It’s often necessary in order to grow. 

40. Your worth is not determined by the degree hanging on your wall; the amount of money in your bank account; the square footage of your home; the type of car that you drive; or the designer label sewn into your clothing. 

41. Everyone is not going to like you. And that’s ok. 

42. Do not spend years of your life dating. If marriage is your goal date with a purpose. 

43. Be grateful.

44. Be content.

45. Be kind.

46. Be compassionate.

47. Show mercy.

48. Show grace. 

49. Invest in yourself and others.

I never imagined myself at 50. I could not see that far. But here it is and I am looking forward to what God has in store for the second half of my life. 



About Shannon D. Robinson

Shannon Robinson Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland (Go Ravens!!!), I discovered early on that I am very opinionated and passionate about my opinions. This has brought on the realization for me that I think differently from most people and it took some time for me to come to grips with that unique side of me. Writing for me is often an escape. A place I can go with my thoughts and opinions and not have to concern myself with offending anyone or not agreeing with someone. My thoughts and opinions are mine and God’s and I know that He doesn’t judge me on them. My writing is a personal journey that allows me to be transparent with self (and sometimes others) as I believe that nothing I have experienced or gone through on this journey called life was meant for me to keep to myself. Somewhere there is another woman who is experiencing or has experienced the very same things, thoughts, and feelings I have and it is my prayer that my story in some small way helps her to see that she too can come through. While at the same time giving God glory for his wondrous works. I appreciate you for stopping by and sharing in my journey as I try my absolute best to navigate it as smoothly as possible; even when I come across detours and bumps along the way. ~ Hotep

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