Are You Praying For The Wrong Thing?

Life is full of lessons. Every life experience; good, bad, or indifferent, teaches us valuable lessons. And, if you’re anything like me, some lessons are unfortunately repeated. I often think of some of the most profound lessons that I have learned a long my life’s journey. For example, a relationship lesson that I learned is […]

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Meet Bella 🌱🌿

I am going to introduce you to each of my plant babies. I currently have 10, but that could change real soon. Don’t worry, I’m not going to introduce them all in one blog post. Initially I had thought to introduce them in the order that I adopted them. But since I had to repot […]

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I Can’t Breathe….Again

George Floyd Breonna Taylor Ahmaud Arbery Not even two weeks after states began to cancel stay at home orders, the entire country has gone mad. And regardless of where you stand on the protests taking place, I think collectively we can all agree that the first five months of 2020 has been a nightmare. Not […]

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I Miss Love

One hundred forty-seven days into the new year and I am tired. So much has happened in what seems like a short span of time, that I can barely catch my breath. I feel like I’m suffocating inside. I feel angry. I feel hatred. And I know my spirit is troubled because me, who is […]

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